Our Fabrics

Read about the fabrics used in our products and how to look after them.

Fabric Care

Whilst our products are machine washable (except for the PVC products: waders and ponchos) it is important to follow the instructions on the label when cleaning proofed fabrics.

Usually, a shake and/or wipe with a damp cloth will be enough to clean up the clothes, followed by hanging them until dry. Do ensure that the clothes are aired between uses to prevent mildew from developing. Machine washing should be used sparingly, as it does shorten the life of the coatings used for proofing and breathabililty. It is advisable to use a pure soap washing powder.

In particular, avoid usage of fabric conditioners as these leave a residue that affects the breathability of your garment, and avoid biological washing powders as these can de-activate the water repellant finish. Similarly, the waterproof coatings are not resistant to commercial stain removers.

Ocean Rainwear PU

Our Ocean Rainwear childrens suits are manufactured in 210 mg PU coated polyester fabric, waterproof to a hydrostatic head of 8000mm (7 x British standard BS3424). The children's range is Oekotex certified.

Togz Fabric

Togz high quality breathable fabric, used for all their products:

  • is hardwearing
  • is breathable 4oz PU coated nylon.
  • is waterproof to a hydrostatic head of 5000mm (4x British standard BS3424).
  • is Teflon proofed to resist dirt stains.
  • is machine washable at 40°

Regatta Hydrafort

Hydrafort is the proofing system used for the Regatta Term-time Jacket and some of the three-in-coats. Hydrafort proofing is:

  • both waterproof and windproof, providing reliable protection from the elements in the outdoors
  • independently tested to ensure it exceeds BS3424 for waterproofness
  • machine washable at 40°

Regatta Isotex 5000

Used in the top of the range Regatta jackets & ski pants:

  • windproof performance to eliminate wind chill
  • durable waterproof performance (to a hydrostatic head of 5000mm for Isotex 5000)
  • hydrophilic breathable system to move moisture out through the fabric for comfort
  • durable water repellent treatment for outer layer to help water run off
  • machine washable at 40°

Regatta Isolite

Isolite is Regatta's waterproof and breathable lightweight fabric to keep you dry and comfortable outdoors. This is used for the Regatta Packable jackets, trousers and all in one suits:

  • Waterproof performance, to keep water out.
  • Hydrophilic breathable systems allows inner moisture vapor to escape.
  • Durable water repellent outer fabric treatment to help water run off
  • Superior windproof performance to eliminate windchill
  • Lightweight, packable rainshells
  • is machine washable at 40°

Trespass Tres-tex

This is Trespass's own waterproof, windproof and breathable (gortex-like) fabric. This is used in the Button splash suit & Dripdrop thermal suit, as well as the Performance waterproof gloves and mittens, ski wear and the Packa packaway jackets and trousers.

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