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Kids & Toddler Waders

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Not available anywhere else in the UK, here are Waterproof World Children's Waders - the ultimate in puddle-proofing for your kids!!

Tough PVC trousers with built in wellies, our kids waders leave nothing to chance. No more losing boots in the muddiest of muddy puddles! Or, how about these children's waders for the beach in winter?

As featured in The Times and on the BBC Springwatch Trackers TV series.

Waterproof World Waders

Features include:

  • Trousers made of heavyweight PVC.
  • bonded seams
  • welded on boots
  • adjustable, elasticated shoulder straps
  • inside pocket
  • quality navy boots (style may vary from those shown)
Getting muddy in waders!

Colours: Yellow with blue boots (boot style may vary from those shown)

Size Guidelines please select according to child continental shoe size
Colour Yellow with blue boots (boot style may vary from those shown)
Price £42.50 size 22 - 24 £44.99 size 26 - 36
Continental boot size 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36
UK boot size 5 7 8 10 11 13 2 3
Height Estimate (cm) 92 98 104 110 120 128 134 140


If you are buying a little large in the boot size, we recommend purchase of our thermal boot socks. These keep feet warm, and give a better fit if the boot is large. In a lovely thermal cotton fabric - they fit nicely over standard socks to give more warmth round the foot- and unlike a long sock they don't wriggle down inside the boot.

Currently all out of stock

Remember that our waders are not a safety device - children should never play in water unattended.

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