Raindrops at Waterproof World

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Since 2017, Raindrops has been part of Waterproof World Ltd. We have now streamlined our business and merged our websites. Here at Waterproof World, you will find the same range of fabulous kids outdoor clothing, at great prices that were on offer at Raindrops.

If you are an educational setting coming to our site for waterproofs for outdoor learning, and you are a Raindrops account holder, then you already have an arrangement with Waterproof World, and you can order in the same way. Please email us at with your requirements and we will get back to you with our recommendations

If you have come to our site looking specifically for rainwear from brands Abeko, Tells or Ocean Rainwear; sadly these brands are no longer in manufacture. Our recommended alternatives are brand Elka for child and adult rainwear, or CeLaVi for just child rainwear. We hope that you find something that matches your requirements :-)

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