Thomas and Samuel N

Mum Lorraine sent us this great picture of her twin boys Thomas and Samuel (age 3 and a half) enjoying a snowy walk near home.

Lorraine told us: 'Sorry, we are not skiing in the Alpes.. just walking along a disused railway (now cycle path), close to our house.

I like to take the boys out each day even when it is raining or snowing in their waterproofs. 

I love the Kiba trousers and coats and they follow our twin dress code. Thomas (like the tank engine) in blue, and Samuel (like Fireman Sam) in red.

I just want to say that although the suits were expensive I think they have really been great value.  Often children's clothing is not really waterproof or suitable for the kinds of walks we go on.  We do not have a proper play park in walking distance, but have a huge forest and the boys really get their wear out of these.  Also we take them to the beach as we are a short drive from Runswick Bay, Whitby and Saltburn, again the suits are fabulous.  I have recommended them to other members of my local Twins & More Club, as with more than one clueless toddler stepping in puddles etc, there is often a lot of washing!'

Thomas and Samuel in their Kiba Print Jackets and Dungarees

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