Seeley G

This great photo of 14 month old Seeley in his Scandinavian Dungarees was sent in by his Mum Steph, who told us:

'Now that Autumn is well and truly upon us here in Scotland even a romp in the garden has the potential for getting very wet and muddy. But not now with his Ocean dungarees! This is a picture of Seeley (14 mths) wearing his dungarees while he helps clean out the bird bath for our resident robin. I'm so glad not to have to do a complete clothes change every time we go in the garden! The dungarees are fantastic, and your service was great too, they arrived the very next day.'

Seeley G in Scandinavian Dungarees

And here is Seeley making excellent use of his Ocean dungarees down at East Sands in St Andrews

Seely on the beach in Ocean Dungarees

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