Conor L

Nicki sent us this great action shot of her son Conor (age 5) having a whale of a time in the sea in Scotland in his Waterproof World waders. Nicki sent us the photo as she ordered new larger waders and told us ' The waders are fantastic.. We live in Scotland.. They are essential beach wear! Looking forward to receiving his new waders as he has out grown the ones in the photo.. Roll on summer 2015 in Scotland.. Tee hee!'

Invincible in waders!!!

Nicki later sent us the following photo and said 'Conor loves his waders! We couldn't live without them. This is a photo of him a few weeks ago up in the North of Scotland.. With the waders there is never a day you can't paddle! Once again thanks for selling a great product! '

Wading in the sea north of Scotland

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