Megan S

Little Megan wore Snowstopper mittens for her sponsored event 'Megan's Mountain Challenge', in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital and Gaddesden Place Horse Riding for the Disabled.

The challenge was to get 9 year old Megan to the top of Snowdon without reverting to the train. Megan was born with a syndrome called CDLS which severely affects mental and physical development. She does not walk, talk or eat properly and is very small for her age. She also feels the cold very quickly, so had to be kept wrapped up very warm for the journey. Dad and a group of volunteers took Megan to the summit in a backpack.

The challenge was a great success and raised £1600 for Gaddesden Place.  Megan has been doing horse riding for the disabled there for over a year and loves her time there. As well as being fun it is helping her with her balance and core strength.

Warm mittens that stay on were important for the challenge, and fortunately the Snowstopper mittens that Waterproof World donated were ideal for the job!

Megan & DadMegan & Dadthe teamAt the summitAt the summit

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