Lucy's Twins

Mum Lucy sent us these gorgeous photos of her twin girls in their Regatta Puddlesuits.

Lucy said 'I've attached some pictures of my twins in their Regetta puddlesuits.  The first picture is them sledging on the only snowy day we had in Cambridge in December aged 21 months.  The second is them puddle splashing last week on our allotments aged 23 months. 

I've found these suits to be brilliant as I don't have to change 2 toddlers every time we've been out to play in the wet or cold.  Once we get in the house it's great to only have to take off the suits and have 2 dry but tired and happy toddlers.  The suits have definitely made it possible for us to get out the house more this winter.
I hope the photos make you smile like they make us smile!'

Twins in Regatta
Puddle jumping!!

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