Finlay B

Bethan sent us this very amusing photo of Finlay happy as a pig...Finlay - VERY muddy in Ocean!

Bethan told us 'I just wanted to say thanks for the prompt delivery of the Ocean suit and dare2b gloves. Both fit my son fine. I am extremely impressed with the quality of the Ocean waterproofs - my son Finlay has had his current Ocean trousers for about 2 years now, & they are still as good as when they were new, he's just outgrown them! Previously I was buying waterproof trousers that were half the price but they were lasting on average 3-4 weeks before Finlay wore holes in them (he spends a lot of time scrambling around on the farm, up trees, in the mud, on the concrete floor of the shed etc - a proper outdoor boy), so I am so pleased to have found some waterproofs that are up to the job!

I attach a photo of Finlay last year (age 6), helping out when we had the wind turbine put up - under all that mud is a pair of Ocean trousers! He was out in the rain and mud all day, then was hosed down afterwards, and he and his clothes had stayed dry - impressive!

Thanks again, hopefully this set of waterproofs will be as good as the last ones!'

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