Ciara L

Ciara's Grandma Ann sent us this cute picture of her enjoying the recent snow in her new pink Regatta Puddle Suit.

Ann said 'Please find enclosed a photo of my grandaughter, Ciara L, aged 2yrs 4mths at the time. I had bought Ciara the "pink suit" as she calls it so that we could go "puddledubbing" in the puddles in field behind where I stay - Sutherland in the Scottish Highlands.  However, when the snow arrived the "pink suit" proved to be invaluable!  The snow caught us out in that it arrived earlier than normal and was much heavier than usual.  But with an extra layer of clothes under the suit Ciara was warm - and dry!  When it snows or rains I put up the hood and the peak protects her face.  Lastly, the fact that it is reflective makes it safer when we are out in the evening. '

Ciara in the snow

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