Anezka K

These gorgeous pictures of Anezka as a baby and toddler were sent in this year and last year by Mum and Dad Isabelle and Martin. It is fantastic to see pictures of Anezka developing, and having fun playing outdoors in her Waterproof Worlds; Kiba 2 piece suit as a toddler, Togz all-in-one suit as a baby.

Here are pictures of Anezka, age just 2 playing at a local children's farm.

Anezka, just 2 at east Link farm in Kiba SuitFeeding the goats

Anezka age 2 in Kiba SuitAnezka, age 2 in Kiba Suit

Anezka in Kiba suit dungarees on holiday in the Alps

And here is Anezka on holiday in the swiss Alps just a bit beforehand.









Here is baby Anezka at 12 months in her Togz suit. Gorgeous!

Anezka in Togz and leaves!Anezka in TogzAnezka crawling on the beachAnezka in Togz inspecting lichenAnezka in Togz

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