Chloe M

Long time customer Melissa sent us this great picture of her daughter Chloe having fun outdoors this summer - despite the weather.

Melissa kindly told us 'Attached is a photo of my Daughter Chloe on a day out at the farm. She is wearing the Togz all in one, that was passed down from her big sister Mia (also on your website about the same age!) Having a suit like the togz one allows my girls to jump in as many puddles as they like, and if they fall over (which they do a lot) that's fine too!
The suit has been worn, and washed many many times and is still a good as the day it was received back in 2006! How's that for value for money. I'm so pleased I discovered you're website, both my girls are kitted out in the togz suits when its snowy, or rainy, or if we're having a day out and I know they will get mucky. It leaves me free to let them be children and not panic about ruining their clothes.
Big cheer for waterproof clothing! and an even bigger one for your website! '

Chloe in Togz and Puddle!

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